Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Bienvenidos a España!

We are so excited to have arrived in Bilbao as our first stop in Spain.  It was a long journey, with a couple of delays, but we took that in stride, and arrived safely last evening.

Bilbao is a beautiful city, although we´ve only scratched the surface so far.  We had our first meal of Pintxos, which is the local version of Tapas, with some lovely Spanish red wine and beer, on a nearby alley filed with outdoor diners, mostly locals.  It was great.

We strolled along the riverfront back to our hotel, with stops to see the pedestrian bridge by Calatrava, and the night views of the Guggenheim museum by Frank Gehry.  Our hotel is right across the street from the museum, so we´ll be visiting there today, plus checking out the old town across the river.

Once i figure out how to also add photos from my phone to the blog, you´ll get more fun shots of the two of us!  Of course, i have jet lag, so am wide awake and doing this at 6 AM local time.  Hopefully, we´ll both be adjusted in time for starting the Camino later this week.

Molinillo Pintxas for dinner in the street

Cool footbridge

The spiders from mars have attacked Bilbao!  There´s supposed to be a whole show on Louise Bourgeois, the sculptor of the spider, in the museum.

The very dramatic night view of the Guggenheim.  There are big flames that shoot out of the fountains at night every so often.

A beautiful nearby plaza, with it´s renaissance church

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