Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Road Goes On . . .

The Road Goes On - More from the Camino

Here we are, leaving the town of Melide, heading out on the next day of our adventure.  The weather got very hot.  The morning fog left us at this point in the trail, so by mid-afternoon, it was blazing.  Hit 102 degrees one day.  This made the afternoon parts of the walk more difficult, but we managed, with lots of water and family support.

You meet a lot of interesting people along the way, and this guy was a real surprise!  We could hear the flute playing for quite a ways, and then arrived to find a donkey holding fort over a Camino passport stamping station (the stamp even has the donkey's photo on it!) and then we happened upon the owner in his tent, playing away.  What a welcome treat.

Here's one of the few unposed shots I was able to get the whole time of Bennett, being a sport, and carrying 2 packs for part of the walk.

Of course, we had other kinds of visitors along the way too.  This dude was quite the lord of his herd.

We were stunned and delighted to arrive at our hotel for the night, the Pazo Santa Maria, after a long final uphill slog through the town of Arzua.  It was stunning!  Our room was huge, with chestnut beam ceilings going back to 1711 (although pretty much fully rebuilt around 10 years ago).  We had lovely wine and snacks on the patio, and a delicious dinner in the restaurant.  What a treat.  Nicest lodgings we had on this part of the trip, and the staff could not have been nicer, nor the shower more welcome!

The view from our window out over the countryside was also magnificent.

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